Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Saturn in Mundane Astrology.  Saturn is the planet of safety, economy and poverty; hence his most characteristic influence is to contract and depress.  He is a business planet (as well as Jupiter) and has an influence over the business trend in a country, tending to contraction, to over cautiousness, and to measures of protection.

Diseases in general are under his influence, as are sanitary and other measures taken to protect the public health.  Action of all kinds which is prompted by fear and has for object protection, comes under his dominion.  When afflicted he is responsible for various kinds of loses, including the loss of public health which occurs during an epidemic.  In financial matters, his influence following the boom periods of Neptune, or the extravagances of an afflicted Jupiter, leads to a time of depression.  Jupiter and Saturn together are chiefly responsible for the rise and fall of markets and the periods of business advance and the periods of business recession.

Saturn rules the land, the buildings on the land, the crops which grow from the soil, the mineral wealth under the ground, and basic utilities like steel, lumber and coal.  He also has chief influence over the weather.  The destruction of crops and buildings, therefore, through flood, storms, and when Mars plays a part even through fire, comes under his jurisdiction.

In a cycle chart, the house occupied by the planet for which the chart is erected becomes unusually important as indicating the starting point from which the influence emanates which brings about the most important events which transpire during the life of the cycle.  Thus in the Saturn Cycle chart of  February 16, 1997, Saturn is in the 5th house.  This indicates that the country's children, schools and colleges, the stock market and places of entertainment become an influence through which the most important events signified by the cycle are brought to pass.  That is, the things which Saturn rules are shown to be so closely associated with children, the stock market, et al., that during the life of this cycle they will have a tendency to bring those things to pass which the chart as a whole indicates, and which specifically are timed and denoted by the progressed aspects of Saturn to the radix (natal) planets.

At the time Saturn makes an aspect to the position of a planet in its chart, events will come to pass influenced by orthodox thought, by cautiousness, conservatism, economy and fear, by movements for security and protection, and by lands, homes, crops and the weather.

A point of weakness in this chart is a retrograde Mars in Libra, sign of its detriment, meaning the aggressive urges by which action can be taken is at a disadvantage; there is an incapacity to act with regard to 11th house matters as that is the house in which it is posited.  Thus, congress is and will be ineffective as to doing the people's bidding, the only reason they have been voted into office.  Compounding the vacillating action of congress is the retrograde motion of Mars, giving rise to irrational action on the part of the legislature as they stumble to and fro in their attempts to do the bidding of their masters, finally revealing their impotency to their constituents.

The opposition of retrograde Mars to Saturn is indicative of danger and abuse to children and an inability to avoid severe business losses, most particularly involving the stock market (Saturn in the 5th house).

It should be noted that Aries is on the 6th house cusp - the health of the people - and does not bode well for the country in general and the citizens in particular...especially since Pluto in the 1st house reconciles the Mars/Saturn opposition so that toxic vaccines are encouraged as a preventative. 

As I type - January 2013 - Saturn in Scorpio, transiting the Cycle 12th house, is closely square radix 3rd house Mercury in Aquarius.  Mercury rules young people...the 3rd house - among other things - rules computers and all manner of communication...and Aquarius rules legislation.  Saturn tends to crimp communication.  Over the course of the next few months you will hear or read about negative legislation dealing with our children and the internet...with Saturn transiting the 12th house of the chart, know that there is a group working in secret to advance their agenda.


Anonymous said...

is there anything 'positive' for me to grab onto?
what or how does one do with kind of reading to be somewhat prepared?
thank you

Moggy said...

Anon..there are always positives on which to grab. What may appear to be negative readings are actually blessings because of the warnings implied..warnings that give the reader a chance to prepare, to take positive action to protect loved ones.

Children are endangered by anti-gun/anti-constitutionalists who will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. Therefore, those with children must do all within their power to protect them. For instance, if the children attend school, take them out and home-school them.

To prepare for coming legislation that will infringe upon your rights to bear arms, obtain defensive weapons without delay. There is no such thing as an "assault rifle," which is evil-speak for a defensive rifle to be used against any who attempt harm. And do not think for one minute that if gun owners surrender their guns that safety will ensue..just study history and you will see that genocide ALWAYS follows gun registration/confiscation.

Prepare yourself by determining your line in the sand..will you choose to go along to get along or will you back the Constitution? Analyze the merits/drawbacks involved, have your strategy planned so as not to be taken unawares.

Read this, especially the comments:

Take heart, you are on earth at this time to make positive changes.