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 Late on the night of November 11th the planet Neptune made its direct station at 00* Pisces 21'.  The spiritual message is as follows:

The Eternal Tie That Binds.---Virgo represents the Garden of Eden.  The exercise of the critical faculty, which is within its special province, is the way to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Yet information alone, no matter how comprehensive, is not sufficient to attain everlasting life, as the Bible clearly implies in Genesis 3:22:

"And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever."

The Bible then abruptly changes the subject.  Having indicated that there is a Tree of Life, partaking of which man might live forever, it leaves man to his own ingenuity to find where it is located.  Yet to anyone conversant with the ancient stellar doctrine that eternal progression depends upon both Love and Wisdom, and with the first principles of astrology which reveals that Polar Opposites, such as Love and Wisdom surely are, always occupy opposite stations in the zodiac, there could be no mystery where the Tree of Life must be located in the sky.  It must lie across the zodiac from the Tree of Good and Evil.

Pisces is the sign where the physical cycle of life ends.  If there is to be still further life, such as indicated by the new cycle commenced in Aries, those processes which lead to revitalization should be commenced before the time of transition thus indicated.  These are the processes so clearly indicated by the ribbon which binds the two Fishes of Pisces into an indissoluble union.

Specialization of parts - mechanics, statesmen, agriculturists, writers, artists, etc., - is familiar to us in that complex organization which we call our social system.  And we also are familiar with the fact that two elements united often produce a chemical compound with possibilities tremendously more significant than the same two chemical elements possess when not so united.

We may be sure, therefore, that the ancient masters who traced the constellations in the sky did not unite the two Fishes of Pisces into a single system without having information of profound import to convey.  They are not united rigidly, as are the cells of the physical body, but by a long ribbon which permits each Fish to move about without undue restriction from the other.  Each thus seems to be permitted the exercise of its own initiative; but belongs to a system from which it cannot separate.

Before attempting further to trace the significance of this universal symbol, let us see what the Greeks had to say about the constellation Pisces.  It is related to a watery sign, and thus to the emotions.  It is the exaltation of Venus, the goddess of love; that is, love finds its highest expression through Pisces.  And it is ruled by Neptune, the upper-octave expression of Venus.  Such expression, if it be true to the upper octave significance, relates to interior states which physical manifestations of love are unable to penetrate.  They have their significance chiefly where the astral body is concerned.

The Greek legend is that Venus and her son Cupid one day were strolling along the bank of the river Euphrates, when quite unexpectedly Typhon put in an appearance.  To escape this selfish monster, typical of Saturn, Cupid and Venus leaped into the water and transformed themselves into the two Fishes.  To commemorate this event the Pisces Fishes were placed in the sky.

Venus and Cupid represent love.  The Fishes into which they were transformed are denizens of the water, and thus signify emotions.  While love has a binding power, the ribbon by which the two Fishes are united, to be true to the rulership of Neptune, must represent an actual invisible energy which unites them, but which does not greatly hamper the movements of either.

Love manifests on various planes or levels.  But on the human plane, when there is natural harmony between the inner natures - that is, vibratory affinity between the finer bodies - and love has developed between the two persons of opposite sex, they easily and rather constantly tune in on each other's vibratory rates.  Depending largely upon the activity of their inner forces and the state of their spiritual development, a circuit, or endless belt of energy forms between them.  That is, there is a continuous current of astral energy circulating between them, much as there is a circulation of blood through the physical body of the individual.

This circuit  is indeed a current of life, possessing amazing potentialities.  These potentialities are commensurate to the height of the basic vibratory rates of the two between whom the circuit flows and to the amount of energy generated by their love, each for the other.  Not uncommonly those in love experience the blend of forces which if unbroken develops into this current.  Some also are aware that such a current is in existence.  But, as it belongs chiefly to the inner plane of life, mental discords tend to break it, and physical sensations tend to dissolve it.

It must be cultivated if it is to persist; and that cultivation must be along the line of developing and maintaining intense and tender love, each for the other.  Grosser feelings and passion will effectually destroy this fine belt, or ribbon.  It is sensitive to all lower expressions, and thrives on feelings which relate more to spiritual states than to those physical.

Selfishness, portrayed by the giant Typhon, is so restrictive in its influence that when it is present even in minor degree, and even when not related to the object of affection, it tends to destroy this endless belt of love.  To maintain it those whose love has reached a plane where it can form such a ribbon of spiritual potentiality must expand their affections to embrace all creatures.  The desire to destroy another, to deprive another of that which is justly his, or to in any way cause suffering to any living thing, tends to disrupt this fine ribbon by which the loving souls are joined.  The knot where the ribbons uniting the two Fishes are tied represents the Ego which is common to both souls, and which is the eternal spark of Deity by which they are energized  Thus the two souls and their Ego form a distinct system, which when so organized becomes a true spiritual cell in the cosmic body.  Such a soul-mate system, or spiritual cell, has a distinctive form on the inner planes; and when made permanent is commonly referred to as an angel.  It then no longer belongs to four dimensional existence, but by virtue of its new capabilities is typical of the truly spiritual, or five-dimensional plane.

The two souls comprising the angel do not lose their identity; no more so than Venus and Mars lose their identity because they both belong to the solar system.  Liberty of action on the part of each soul is still retained; but before they are thus permanently united in a single five-dimensional form - as the two Fishes with their ribbon have a single form and yet each Fish has wide liberty of action - they must have come into a realization of their Cosmic work.

We may be sure, therefore, that those capable of uniting through the endless belt of finer energies that ultimately will provide the form of such an angel, will not have diverse or conflicting interests.  Such divergent interests, through centering the mind strongly on different things, tends to disrupt or dissipate the endless belt of energy flowing between two people.  Where the interests are, or an objective of attainment, in that direction the finer energies tend to flow.  That is, the energies flow wherever the attention is directed.  But when the interests of both are centered on the same things there is no dividing of the energy stream, and the forces of both flow along a single channel.  This strengthens the bond between them.

The conditions which are most favorable, when the natural requirements are present, for strengthening the endless belt of finer energies between those who are deeply in love, are the desire to be as helpful and beneficial to all creatures as possible, having a common work by which this is chiefly accomplished, and the cultivation of tenderness and sympathy one for the other.

Neptune, the upper-octave planet ruling Pisces, is idealistic in his expression.  Therefore, those who cultivate this highest expression of love on earth find it advantageous to idealize all they do.  Whatever they do which they feel to be worthy, in the doing they keep the image of their loved one before them and feel that they are doing that thing, not because of duty, but for the sake of the other one.  All that is accomplished is thus done for love.  And the love motive becomes so powerful, under such cultivation, that hardships are not recognized as such, all life is filled with joy, and great accomplishment results.

The joy coincident with the establishment of the endless belt of love is only a small feature of its advantage; for its power to accomplish, working from the four-dimensional plane when loving and constructive thoughts are carried by it, is truly amazing.  Herein lies a force which makes Faith, even of the size of a mustard seed, able to move mountains.

LOVE is the Tree of Life, and its Fruit is Universal Brotherhood.

Spiritual Astrology
 - CC Zain -

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