Wednesday, November 21, 2012


DATA:  November 28, 2012 @ 9:47 AM EST - Washington, D.C. 

The Moon falling into the 5th house puts a spotlight on stock market exchanges (the Big Casino) and other forms of gambling and on recreation, children, ambassadors and diplomats from foreign countries.

The Moon is recently separated from an inconjunct to 10th house Saturn, indicative of a government that has exploited the people with regard to their investments (Moon in 5th house).  The applying inconjunct of the Moon to 10th house Venus is a warning to the public of being drained of all physical resources by the same criminals.  There must be another QE on the horizon wherein the bankers will reap financial benefits to the detriment of the public, as Saturn is trine to Neptune.

Neptune in the 2nd house of the country's wealth forms the Apex of a Mutable T-Square with the eclipse, emphasizing the country's psychological weaknesses (blind spots) with regard to the financial state of the nation and its purchasing power.  The distortion of harsh reality is coming to an end and the people will be forced to learn how to become more discriminating.

Some of the eclipse energy will be siphoned off by 3rd house retrograde Uranus...expect headline news of sudden bridge closings, events involving moving vehicles including boats (all manner of transportation) and anything to do with communications.

May you all enjoy Thanksgiving despite what we face!


mam said...

Came back to read it again before the eclipse 11/28. Bridges, money, communications and transportation.

Thanks Moggy. Off to the grocery. LOL

Cyclist said...


In the tonight in the skies the finger of Yod can be witnessed,all stations are doubled up now
with the moon doubling up with Jupiter tonight.A very rare occurrence indeed.What would be the significance of this .
Thank you


Moggy said...

To let folks know I've had trouble with IE and the last comment couldn't be posted until today. Here's my response to Cyclist, previously sent to him via a good friend:

Cyclist...the Apex of the Yod has two Scorpio planets: Saturn and Venus, the former lending a karmic undertone. Saturn puts the world on notice that we have reached a turning point with regard to self-preservation. The corrective nature of the inconjunct (quincunx) will force people into a responsible life direction.

Venus reveals being out-of-touch with the values of one's social environment. The corrective nature of the inconjunct will drive humans towards the cultivation of collective values.

Being a dual sign, the Gemini influence of Moon/Jupiter is likewise dual...the material aspect, as Jupiter rules the financial realm, and the spiritual aspect, as Jupiter rules the religious nature. As the Greater Fortune, Jupiter is associated with abundance and expansion. With this eclipse a huge problem arises in taking on more than can be handled...and the abundance we are used to may cease. A warning here that financial ruin is about to manifest.

On a spiritual level, the opportunity presented to us at this time is one in which we can observe the truth of ourselves by stilling the mind so as to connect with our inner wellsprings. Jupiter, the planet of judgment, transits Gemini in retrograde motion in the 2nd decanate of that sign...the message is that we need to examine and reflect on something relative to due regard and sympathy for the interests of others.