Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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MARS - planet of war and aggression.

URANUS - the house that Uranus is transiting represents an area where we are starting to face a certain kind of oppression.  On January 10, 2012, Uranus crosses the IC of the U.S. horoscope, taking up residence in the 4th house...home base.  For some years to come we can expect upheaval to unsettle our family life and for many, a sudden change in their home environments.

Uranus is a key trigger to symbolizes fanatics, terrorists and revolutionaries.  It will not be those who may revolt against a rogue government who will lead this country and its people into war.

NEPTUNE - represents falsity and all things that are in false flag operations.

PLUTO - rules hidden forces and things nuclear.

On January 23, 2012, transiting Mars will turn retrograde in apparent motion while conjoined the U.S. natal Neptune, triggering the natal Mars/Neptune square...the planetary signature that in the past ushered in war for America, usually accompanied by a false flag operation or some other duplicitous maneuver by those in high offices of government.  Because Neptune is posited in the 9th house of international events, the false flag may occur in a foreign country.  On the other hand, because Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces occupies the 3rd house cusp of the U.S. horoscope, the false flag could easily occur at home base.  If the latter, I'd look to either the northeast or southwest.

Transiting Uranus will oppose the MC (Midheaven/10th house cusp), creating disruptive events that may require one to drop everything to deal with it.  Possibly a sudden event to real estate and damage to buildings.  The aspect will be exact on January 10th and will remain within two degree orb until February 27, 2012.

Transiting Pluto is forming an inconjunct with natal Uranus that will reach exact aspect on February 20, 2012.  The health of the public will be jeopardized...and/or economic conditions deteriorate to seriously affect the general public...and/or military movements within the country cause people to feel powerless to do anything about the political conditions under which they live.

Transiting Mercury is opposing its natal position; double-check your facts, Americans, and remain flexible...relieve the nervous tension with a cup of Lemon Balm tea or a shot of Valerian tincture in a little water at bedtime.

Transiting Saturn in the 11th house has moved away from the exact square in December 2011 to natal Pluto, leaving the American public with the NDAA legacy, ugly gift from a traitorous congress.

Transiting Neptune in the 3rd house has moved away from the exact conjunction to natal Moon, causing the American public to awaken from the mental fog that has allowed the undermining of their sacred documents.

Blind Love, and equal Justice, and the Fame
Of what has been, the Hope of what will be?
O Liberty! if such could be thy name
Wert thou disjoined from these, or they from thee:
If thine or theirs were treasures to be bought
By blood or tears, have not the wise and free
Wept tears, and blood like tears? ---The solemn
harmony.      - Shelley -


Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Moggy, can you help me understand something? I read this: "It will not be those who may revolt against a rogue government who will lead this country and its people into war." So if an "event" should occur within the time frames mentioned in todays post, are we looking at a true false flag blamed yet again on overseas boogeymen, or perhaps even blamed on members of the USA populace who are disgusted with the way we are being flushed down the toilet by the government? Thanks for the clarification.

Moggy said...

Aye, those are the probabilities. Should any country commence war on a retrograde Mars they can count on being defeated, no matter how the odds appear..Hitler invaded Russia on a retro Mercury and was then trapped by the Russian winter when Mars turned retrograde. The Arabs started the Six Day War with Israel on a retrograde Mars. Lyndon Johnson began the bombing of N. Vietnam on a retrograde Mars.

My thoughts are that if the USA gov't becomes aggressive towards patriotic citizens during this Mars retrograde period, they will live (or die) to regret it.

Happy New Year to you and all those who have been blessed by God with astrology for Divine guidance.

Anonymous said...

lol, part of me says bring it on during that period then as I want to be part of the winners!!