Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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On March 5, 2012 transiting Pluto @ 9* Capricorn 13' will form a square to its natal position in the 8th house, while simultaneously conjoining natal Sun @ 9* Capricorn 32'.  We can expect a regeneration of the price of gold during this time coupled with tremendous drive and energy.

Mars, co-ruler of the 2nd house of wealth, is transiting Silver's 1st house, will turn retrograde January 24, 2012 and will remain there until March 26th, when it backs into the 12th house.  The planet of aggression will conjoin the Ascendant in direct motion on May 5, 2012 and shortly thereafter, on May 12th, will conjoin natal Neptune...if we can count on anything, it will be that silver's get-up-and-go is likely to be suppressed at this time.

On June 7, 2012, transiting Mars will conjoin natal Jupiter, ushering in a time of bold and fortunate action for silver.  It's about time, eh?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Moggy, really helps lining things up for the year. Pict

Anonymous said...

Moggy, thanks for the update on Au and Ag that I requested. Are you saying that silver is likely to be suppressed from now all the way until June 7th? Or, just suppressed during the Mars retrograde period and the May 5-June 6 period?

I'm wondering if this might play out as a flight to safety in gold starting in March, and then into silver in June.

Thanks again.

Moggy said...

Pict, pleasure.

Anon..Silver to be suppressed when Mars conjoins natal Neptune. May 12th is the day of exact aspect, suppression could extend from early May thru mid-May.

DepoeSue said...

Moggy, thank you for doing this chart. Many of your friends at WB have been waiting and hoping you would find the time to do this.


Anonymous said...


What about silver price between now and May 12th?

Moggy said...

Depoe are most regards and good wishes to friends at the forum..there must be at least two, no? LOL!

Anon @ 11:44..well, you have Mars in retro to mid-April, Saturn retro from Feb. 7th to June 25th and Mercury retro from Mar. 12th to Apr. 4th, both Mars and Mercury co-rulers of the 1st house. My guess is that silver will trade sideways, gathering a head of steam until she's ready to boogie.

Anonymous said...

thx Moggy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moggy,

I followed your work when you use to post over the web bot forum and follow it now as well and am appreciative.

I have a quick, more general question. The bots seem to be pointing towards an early March time frame where massive and profound changes take place.

Does your astrological work indicate this as a possibility at that time? Your comments on gold show that this time frame could see a move in gold at that time. But the bots are talking major and profound change in that time frame.

Thank you.


Moggy said...

Hello to you, TravelerJim..I'm picking up mid-March. Tune in on Wednesday to read the new essay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moggy, it's Giuseppe from the old forum, hope you are doing well... Yes I read your posts with avid fascination, and as usual I would like to ask of silver and gold.
Can you give us an update of what you see, the June 7th date is approaching, just wondering if the stars are clearer?
As always thank you.

Moggy said...

Hello Giuseppe, I am fine and hope you are, too. It seems I struck out with the last gold forecast, are you sure you want an update, lol?

I shall try to check the charts for you this week.

My best to you.