Monday, August 1, 2011

AG and AU through end of 2011

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Data for Gold Comex:  December 31, 1974 @ 9:30 AM EST - New York City, NY

For any type action to manifest there must be planetary energy.  The progressed horoscope of the Gold Comex has it in spades.  Not only that...the 11th house natal Sun @ 9* Capricorn 32' has this year progressed to conjoin the Ascendant...time to shine!

Up, down, sideways...until early October...specifically, the week-end of October 1st and 2nd, when the transiting Sun conjoins natal Pluto, triggering the progressed Pluto/square/natal Sun.  Enjoy the ride!

Data for Silver Comex:  July 5, 1933 @ 10:03 AM EDT - New York City, NY

The price of Silver has been limited by the square of transiting Saturn in Libra to natal Sun in Cancer and will so continue through most of August.  Weakened by the contact and not reflecting as much energy as the Gold Comex horoscope, she goes into the latter part of the year with a Solar Eclipse to the IC (4th house cusp) on November 25, 2011 and on December 10, 2011 a Lunar Eclipse forms a close square (difficulties) to natal Jupiter, planet of expansion.  There is the possibility she will just limp along through the remainder of the year due to challenges that involve legal disputes.

Note:  The above is in response to a request from a viewer.  As it interrupted the essay I am composing for the Wednesday slot, please consider this essay on gold and silver as my normal first Wednesday contribution.  Thank you.
ADDENDUM: My post on March 10, 2011 and the results:
The March 2011 Super Full Moon in Virgo occurs across the 1st and 7th house axis of the Silver Comex, the Moon conjunct 1st house Mars, planet of action.  My quick interpretation:  the silver shorts will soil their pants...probably on Friday, March 18th but it could go as far as Monday, March 21st, the day of the Vernal Equinox, as the Sun slips into Aries and conjoins Uranus in the 8th house of shared resources.  As a dear friend would say:  Happy Dance time, LOL

And here is the result:


Anonymous said...

Moggy you are out of this world wonderful. Thank you for your skilled and diligent work in this profound science. Thank you for the Au and Ag charts and interpretation. You're a rare gem. otb

Moggy said...

otb..praise will get you everywhere, lol..and it comes at a time when I've been considering putting an end to at least the astro/health series, due to the lack of interest exhibited by few comments to my posts, as they are more time consuming than the mundane articles.

I'll see how it goes..appreciate your post.

Anonymous said...

Moggy dont stop doing what you do, you are treasured. I will now check back on a regular basis

Anonymous said...

Many people lurk or read faithfully without leaving comments. I have YouTube videos with thousands and thousands of views but only a small handful of people have ever contacted me directly to ask questions or say "Thank you". Your blog is for the aware minority, not the rest. We are here, reading faithfully! The Health aspects are very informative and I have personally passed on suggestions to others from information that originated on this blog, with great results! Keep going, we love you!

Moggy said...

Thank you for the comments..they are the only way for me to know the essays aren't falling on deaf ears and to know that some benefit is being derived from them.

Mercury turned retrograde on August 2nd in the sign of health and healing - Virgo - and so it is natural for me to use the time to rethink the health series..going with the universal flow, so to speak. In addition, Virgo is the sign ruling work so I also need to review whether the work I do has enough impact to continue.

For the Anon who receives little feedback: I am sorry that you are not shown appreciation from your viewers. There is something very unbalanced in taking without giving back. Life is not a one-way street. This concerns me greatly in the lack of comments on my own blog, as I don't wish to be creating universal disharmony.

sage691 said...

Considering the day we had yesterday with gold shooting upward and silver getting the smack-down.... I just had to re-visit this particular reading.... and you were right on the money, Moggy! Whatever you do - don't stop! We need you!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop your blog. I am just starting to read it. Altho I have to say, I have no clue what you are writing. I guess I need to get my astrology book out and understand what influences what in normal speak.

Thanks again!

Moggy said...

Thanks Sage and Anon..I am only thinking about stopping the health series, not the blog.

Anon..let's chat awhile..what questions do you have or what is it you do not understand?