Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Gentle Readers, for some reason I am unable to publish your comments...whenever I make the attempt the screen goes nutzoid.  Therefore, whenever a question is asked I shall respond in this manner.  Blessings.

Q:  "so should one have food and money/cash on hand?"

A:  In this order for survival purposes one must have:

1.  Food for a year, two years all the better.

2.  Books on survival, especially those with medical/herbal knowledge...along with a good supply of essential oils (in particular those that prevent/ease viruses) and dried medicinal herbs.  Definitely have a Bible among those books.

3.  Silver coins such as American Silver Eagles and/or what is known as "junk" silver.

4.  Gold coins such as American Gold Eagles or Buffaloes, Canadian Maple Leaves or Krugerrands...if one can afford them.

5.  Money/cash on hand...enough to pay your bills for at least three months.

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Moggy said...

To Anon this morning: no, my name is not Norah..nor do I send unsolicited emails to anyone.