Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Full Moon Eclipse May 2013 - USA

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DATA:  May 25, 2013 @ 00:26 A.M. EDT - Washington, D.C.

Sagittarius and the 10th house are highlighted, the closest aspect being a square to 1st house Neptune in Pisces.  Setting the theme for the next two weeks will be illness (diseases obscure or hard to diagnose), hospitalization, and probable continuing criminal activities of those on high.  The spotlight is on he who occupies the White House and his unpatriotic administration who, with the 10th house Moon applying to square Neptune, will attempt to bamboozle the public with the usual lies and/or call up a false flag, the specialty of Neptune.

Headlines will feature scandals, kidnapping, accidents involving chemical or oil spills...and then there is the weather, as heavy rains cause flooding problems or mudslides in those areas conducive to them.  If a global coastal event is to occur it would happen anytime from a week prior to the eclipse to a week thereafter.

Neptune when involved in challenging aspects speaks to impotence, treachery, sabotage through ambivalence, deceptions, betrayal and distortion on a grand scale.  Con men will be out and about (many of them in the nation's capital) so be on your toes.

A Sagittarius Lunation brings to the fore distant matters and financial loss through them (all those foreign dollars coming home to create hyperinflation), as well as legal affairs and the judicial system.  Those connected to Jupiter-ruled activities (journalists, professors, the judiciary, industrialists) will find this eclipse to be quite significant of coming changes having a direct impact upon their interests.

On the plus side with the Moon trine 2nd house Uranus, this is an excellent time to plan for future goals, especially those involving your financial security.

On the negative side with Pluto in the 12th house square the 2nd house Uranus, it appears the plutocrats are working behind the scenes to foist upon an unsuspecting public a digital (Uranus) monetary scheme.  Look for them to spring the trap around May 20th/21st when the aspect becomes exact.

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mam said...

Just now reading this Moggy, funny thing is a read some news stories this morning that go with your forecast.

As always thanks for the essay.