Sunday, December 16, 2012


Pfizer, Inc., is the world's largest pharma industry, therefore I address the astrology of the company based on the date of incorporation.

DATA:  Incorporation was June 2, 1942 in time given, therefore, consideration will be given to planets and signs only.

Neptune, the planet ruling drugs and the drug industry, is square the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini, sign of children, indicative of the danger to children of pharmaceutical drugs, as the square aspect expresses violence between the planets so indicated  that leaves nothing of value in its wake.

Mercury rules the electrical currents which carry messages over the nerves and all cerebral processes, including perception and comparison.  All expression of thought in speech and writing are expressions of the thought-cells mapped by Mercury.  Jupiter rules the arterial blood stream of the body.  Under the square aspect from Neptune and the drugs it represents, there is a horrific adjustment to the cerebral processes of those who fall victim to its use and dangerous toxicity of the blood stream.

On the day of the Newtown Massacre in Connecticut on December 14, 2012 transiting Neptune at 00* Pisces 40' came to within 25 minutes of exact square to natal Uranus in Gemini at 1* Gemini 05'.  On one level, the meaning of the Neptune/Uranus square is that something that was trying to be kept secret from others may suddenly be revealed.  On another level, the company may be exposed to truths they have never been willing to recognize.  That Uranus is in Gemini and the planet being acted upon, the matter involves children.

If mass murder of children is to be prevented, people must stand up NOW and demand an investigation into the indiscriminate use of pharmaceutical drugs on children and on the doctors who prescribe their use.


Anonymous said...

thank you as this gives me more courage to speak about the shooting in terms of drugs. I find people don't really like this approach as guns are so much easier to address, however, that's not the answer imo

Moggy said...

Anon, you are correct about that. Last year in America over 10,000 people were killed with guns, yet over 40,000 were killed in vehicular accidents...why not ban cars?

Then again, 100,000 people die each year due to pharmaceutical drugs, clearly indicating where attention should be directed.