Wednesday, October 3, 2012


If everyone has been paying attention you will have noticed that over the past few months the lunations have been projecting ever increasing stress to earth dwellers. The heavens not only map what is to occur on the mirror of earth, they also map recourse to difficult times.  

Stress is the province of Uranus, the Awakener.  Under the square from Pluto, in effect until March 2015, we are being buffered by the winds of change, being forced to confront inner and outer reality so that spiritual growth will result in an evolutionary explosion.  This essay will address how to cope, understanding that stress describes our reactions to physical, mental, or emotional stimulus causing an upset to the body's natural balance.

There are a number of alternative methods which can be implemented to maintain our bodies in balance...we do not necessarily have to rely on only one.  Uranus has rulership over, and therefore affects, the nervous system, therefore, that is where healing methods shall focus. 

HERBS:  An excellent tea to keep nerves healthy is a combination of OATSTRAW and STINGING NETTLE herbs.  An easy method of having this combo on hand at all times is to make it in the evening by putting two tablespoons each of dried herb in a quart Mason jar, pouring boiling water to nearly the top of the jar, and then covering immediately.  Let it steep on the counter overnight.  In the morning, strain and drink a cupful, refrigerating the remainder for use during the day.  Make a fresh batch each evening.

GINSENG helps strengthen the systems of the body, thereby making handling of stress easier each time it is confronted, preventing loss of nutrients and maintaining the effectiveness of the immune system.

VALERIAN acts as a tranquilizer by affecting the central nervous system, without the side effects of its copycat toxic drug, Valium.  It is used as an antispasmodic, stress reducer, sleep aid, and in olden times as an antidote to the plague and in the treatment of epilepsy. Best method of taking it is via tincture...a dropperful in an ounce of water when needed. 

PASSIONFLOWER has a slightly narcotic effect and is used as a tranquilizer to treat tension (stress), fatigue, insomnia, and muscle spasms.  Best method of taking it is via tincture...a dropperful in an ounce of water when needed.

From time to time when I suffer a hard case of insomnia, I gain relief by mixing a dropperful of Valerian and a dropperful of Passionflower in a little water and drinking an hour before bedtime.

CHAMOMILE reduces stress with its gentle healing properties.  Best use is via a cup of tea when needed.


LAVENDER essential oil effectively reduces anxiety and irritability while promoting is a fine stress reliever.  Either use in a diffuser, make a dream pillow, or put a drop on the edge of your pillowcase prior to bedtime.

GERANIUM essential oil is relaxing, sedative, tonic, and an anti-depressant, excellent for aiding the nervous system.  It opens the Solar Plexus Chakra and may help to discharge toxins from the liver that prevent emotional balance.  Massage two drops mixed with a carrier oil into the bottoms of both feet.
SANDALWOOD essential oil is a sedative, tonic, and an anti-depressant that brings emotional balance by relieving nervous has a calming effect.  Massage two drops mixed with a carrier oil into the bottoms of both feet.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES:  To take flower remedies, add two drops of the essence to a few ounces of water and slowly sip...or take up to four drops from the dropper throughout the day as needed.

RESCUE REMEDY:  The ultimate in stress, tension, and anxiety relief, it is a blend of five Flower Essences: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.  Taken whenever you feel uptight and/or tense it can usually restore balance.

BEECH:  The remedy to take if you tend toward being easily irritated or have a rigid mental outlook.

GENTIAN:  Eases and gives relief of nervous tension, a negative outlook, depression, and those suffering a long-term illness.

VITAMINS and MINERALS:  The use of supplements will also grant benefits, most particularly Vitamin B supplements and the mineral Magnesium.  As to the latter, Magnesium oil or gel - a saturated solution of magnesium chloride in a water base - that is rubbed on various body parts and absorbed through the skin works faster than oral supplements.  Massaging Magnesium oil into the skin reduces stress and sore/stiff muscles by increasing the level of magnesium into the bloodstream.  The oil or gel is absorbed into the skin very quickly, leaving no oily residue.  Stress depletes magnesium and like Vitamin B6, magnesium is needed for serotonin production, an imbalance of which leads to depression.


Moggy said...

From a reader: "over at ... we have discussed magnesium as being great..glad to see it here. is nutritional yeast a good way to get B? thanks for today's post very helpful."

Nutritional yeast is rich in vitamins, especially the B-Complex vitamins, also an excellent source of folic acid and protein, containing essential amino acids..and as a plus, is gluten free.

Mam said...

Thank you for covering so many different herbs in one essay. I'll have to print this one and stick it in my medicinal herb book.

Moggy said... is a rare person who understands the importance of energy exchange. Bless you!

Anonymous said...

finally have a printed copy of the herbs and was rereading them...
could you please define what a carrier oil is that you mentioned in geranium and sandalwood?
thank you

Moggy said...

A carrier or base oil is a vegetable oil such as almond oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil, that is used to dilute essential oils prior to applying them to the skin.

If you won't be using the carrier oil frequently my suggestion is to use olive oil because the other oils tend to go rancid if not used up in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...

for geranium eo, 2 drops mixed with would that be 2 drops geranium and 2 drops of olive oil?
thank you for helping here.

Moggy said...

I usually triple or quadruple the amount of carrier oil to the essential oil, depending on how potent a result I desire. There is no hard and fast rule, why not allow intuition to guide you?

For instance, I am suffering a lung infection and have concocted an essential oil foot massage of heavy-duty essential oils in an effort to eradicate the invader. I have applied Oregano EO with just a few drops of carrier oil (did not count the drops) and massaged them into the bottoms of my feet. I then massaged into the bottoms of my feet my own blend of Thieves EO without a carrier oil. Then I double-dipped by creating a second set of EOs by mixing Eucalyptus Radiata EO with Ravensara EO and massaging that into the bottoms of my feet. I am doing this twice daily.

In addition I am throwing every alternative healing method of which I have knowledge at the disease. My astro is extremely difficult, seems as if Universe is testing my mettle with this challenge. I rise to meet it only because of Mr. Puppy, who will not allow another human to come near him.


Anonymous said...

on another board, someone used hydrogen peroxide therapy (he was inhaling it) with very good results for his cough due to mold..
don't know if that is of any help but mentioning it..
I am sending energy for the perfect healing..
many don't have to post this if you wish not to..
Light surrounds you

Moggy said...

Your energy for the perfect healing is more than welcome, may you be blessed for the unselfish gift.

Anonymous said...

Another idea--Black walnut hull tincture is an effective fungus killer. Thank you for your natural healing post.

Moggy said...

Anon @ 9:34..And thank *you* for your contribution to our good health!