Wednesday, September 19, 2012


USA: the Virgo New Moon of September 15/16, 2012 fell on natal 9th house Neptune, triggering Neptune's square with natal Mars, planet of war and aggression...and the country's personal signature for war.  Pay attention to what is being done, not what is being said, because lies off survival preparations.

OBAMA: if he was born on August 4, 1961 the September New Moon fell on his natal Mars, trine his natal Saturn...I choose not to say what he is involved in surreptitiously, leaving the mystery for the astrologically astute to solve.  Don't forget to stock up on survival items for your beloved pets.

ISRAEL: the September New Moon formed a T-Square with Jupiter in the 3rd house of neighboring countries and Uranus in the 9th house of foreign countries.  The opposition of Jupiter and Uranus speaks to suffering wrought by poor judgment and ill-considered actions.  An Israeli Mistake in the making that will filter down to the rest of the world.

IRAN: the New Moon opposes their natal Mars while squaring natal Neptune, creating tremendous tension.  Significant conflicts can be expected, some of which will encompass oil. 

CHINA's horoscope has the September New Moon trine its 12th house Jupiter, a promise of good fortune in their financial affairs, most of which is occurring behind the scenes.  The East rises as the West sets.

JAPAN is another country that experiences this New Moon opposing their natal Mars...their sense of aggression is being aroused while at the same time the New Moon forms an inconjunct to their natal Sun, which will force leadership to make adjustments to ensure that the country will not lose face in their dispute with China.

PAKISTAN: the New Moon formed a square to natal Uranus...the natives are restless and prone to error that may cause a change of plans to be forced upon them.  The possibility exists for the country to change their objectives and take a different direction.

RUSSIA: the New Moon formed a sextile to their natal Pluto/Venus in 4th house Scorpio.  Watch them over the next four weeks as they are in a position to influence others, who may temporarily follow their lead.  Russia's Uranus in Capricorn opposite the USA Sun in Cancer causes a sporadic association that is rebellious in nature; the discordant combination causes Russia to resent the USARussia's Neptune in Capricorn also opposes the USA Sun; neither country trusts the other...America can expect evasive and deceptive qualities from the Russians.  Who knew?  LOL.

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