Wednesday, March 21, 2012


DATA:  March 22, 2012 @ 10:38 A.M. - Washington, D.C.
The second decanate of Gemini Rises, pictured in the sky by a large dog - Canis Major...a noble looking animal representing the emblem of faithfulness, and through its adoration for its master also representing the worshipping and serving of Eternal Spirit - for to the dog his master is God.  The sub-influence of this decanate is Libra, the marriage sign.  Character is the real person, the whole person, representing a fusion - or marriage - between the unconscious mind and the objective mind.  And because character is the truly important thing, in placing its pictographic symbol in the sky it might be expected that the ancients would use in its portrayal the most conspicuous of all the stars.  Sirius, the star in the mouth of the greater dog, is the most brilliant star in the whole expanse of sky.
The good of any person resides in their character, and their character is sound only so long as it has due regard and sympathy for the interests of others.  "This above all; to thine own self be true; and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."  William Shakespeare
The 14th degree of Gemini suggests people will be more able to tune themselves to their intuitions for guidance if they just be vigilant to psychic insight to light their way at this time.  Gemini's ruler Mercury is conjoined the New Moon in Aries, in the 11th house of shared ideals and aspirations.  Mercury is retrograde on the 1st degree of an action (Cardinal) sign, hinting of a need to reject the present course of events and so acting as to secure a new and better future.
The New Moon on the 3rd degree of Aries will stir the embodiment of national or cultural archetypes within your personalities.  In the 11th house, it is a call to reach out and establish contacts with others, to become integrated into a bring your personal ideals and aspirations to blend with those of like mind, to influence and modify and to be influenced and modified.  Conjoined Uranus, the energies speak of courage to go out on a limb with highly individualistic perspectives.  We are at a time of planning and laying of a foundation...the beginning of something new. 
Retrograde Mars, opposition Neptune, disposits the Aries New Moon, Mercury and Uranus.  It is essential that reality be confronted and ambitions evaluated, where personal desires are less dominant and threatening to effect balance and integrate emotional dimensions.
Pluto in the 8th house is part of a Grand Earth Trine that includes Jupiter in the 12th house and Mars in the 4th house...the prophetic houses...the purging and purifying houses.  The gauntlet is being thrown, the challenge: psychological evolution.  It is what we came to accomplish.
God Bless.


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