Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mr. Puppy


Anonymous said...

did Mr. Puppy past on?

Moggy said...

I'm happy to inform you that His Preciousness, Mr. Puppy, will celebrate his 15th birthday on April 28th.

Anonymous said...

I am happy too. I didn't understand the post today being Mr. Puppy's picture and nothing else.
I am glad to know his birthday is soon to be celebrated.

Moggy said...

Sometimes Mr. Puppy speaks but most of the time only his picture leads off. It is how I honor him. Bless you.

Shamba said...

what a beauty, mr. Puppy is!

May he and you, Moggy, be well.

peace, Shamba

Moggy said...

Thank you, Shamba.

Blessings and good wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Puppy (the prince) looks young for his age, and very well tended. :) otb

Moggy said..., that pic is a look-alike of Mr. Blue Eyes in his youth, although he has aged rather well, thanks to Venus in Gemini, ruler of his Libra Rising chart. He always managed to achieve that look of contemplation as he sprawled on a tree limb, looking off into the distance as he communed with Nature..on our daily walks in the forest with his five companions.

He is one of the greatest gifts to me from Eternal Spirit and I enjoy each day because of him. And I see to it that he enjoys the days on which dinner is either red sockeye salmon or calves liver. -smile-


Debie said...

Very Sweet!!!

Gladius said...

Hey man, looking great for 15 (in human years no less) Mr. Poppy [A.K.A. 'Pretty Boy']. Keep Cool & Chive On!

All the best Moggy, best of health to come if not sooner.


Moggy said...

Actually, Gladius, my sweet boy will be 17 years old the end of April. Thanks for your good wishes. My best to you.

Anonymous said...

Late but thankyou.
I always look for your comments when I check on Goldtent, and the rest of the OZ and Kiwi crew have always valued your thoughts as well.
Peace to Mr Puppy over the Rainbow bridge.
Love, health and happiness to you.

Moggy said...

Many thanks to you, Ozibatla. My precious little boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge On February 10, 2014..a brain tumor took him - Saturn in Aries (head). Now he catches mousies with his other five companions as they wait for my arrival and then we will be a family again. Blessings to you.